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GPL Serials PVC Lockers
Plastic PVC locker offers a vast improvement over conventional metal lockers,it has excellent performance in heat,damp and salinity.They are exceptionally easy to clean with simple soap and water.Suitable for modular assembly, these lockers are available in a range of sizes to suit the customer special need .Plastic lockers are becoming more and more popular  in outdoor damp and cold environments without fear of rust and can be cleaned with a high pressure hose. 

We provide four standard height lockers 1800, 945,623,462 mm all with 320 /350 mm width and 500mm depth.A Total Bay can be divided into 3 doors , 6 doors , 9 doors or 12 doors.Tough ABS+ABS Light Grey bodies with bright blue,orange and yellow doors.We have many choices for your lock option ,such as standard cam locks ,pad locks systems, sauna locks and also digital locks.

Plastic locker features:
High resistance to water rust corrosion and fire
Safe,reliable and high intensity
Easy to clean with simple soap and water 
Fireproofing,burning-resistant with flame retardant in line with national standard 
Five times lifetime than traditional steel lockers,15 years Warranty Period 
Available in a range of sizes and colors (Blue door, Orange door ,Yellow Door) to suit the customer 
Safe with high strength



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