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Europe standard nesting container is made from 100% new impact resistant nature-modified PP which is acid,alkali and oil proof.It can be used with temperature environment around -25℃~ 60℃.It's widely used in supermarket,medical,light industry,tobacco,factory,etc.


  1. The container is nestable with eversion connection cover. It is convenient to carry.
  2. Empty container can be nested freely and smoothly.
  3. Hinge connection structure makes anti-theft application available.
  4. Non-slip pattern on the cover improves friction and keeps the system stable.
  5. One-time anti-theft lock system between top cover and shor side can prevent goods losting or stealing.
  6. Reinforcing bar on the long side body can increase the loading capacity.
  7. Handle on the shor side makes it converient to carry or load.
  8. Sawtooth cover guarantees the flatness and high sealing.
  9. Long sides of container reserver L80xW60mm for code bar, It is under 0.5mm of the cover.
  10. It is designed with non-slip pattern on the bottom makes the system secure when nesting or running on assembly line.
  11. Lable slot on short sides is easy to inserst for management.
  12. It is available to print company logo on the top of long sides.



Model No.:GSN6435
External Dimension:600*400*355mm Load Capacity:30kg
Internal Dimension:550*380*345mm Stacking Load:150kg
Bottom Dimension:505*325*330mm Internal Volume:63L
Net Weight:3.3kg Cube/1000pcs:33m3
Nesting Height:85mm Lid Opening Width:490mm



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